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About Us

Establised in 1985, Eldric Marketing Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s most establised and trusted distributor and retailer of premium kitchen appliances.

Over the years, we recognised the growing affluence of consumers as well as the demand for sleek and space saving kitchens by professional and home chefs; thus we pioneered the distribution and retail of premium European built in kitchen appliances.

Since then, Eldric Marketing has establised itself as a purveyor of luxury kitchen appliances in Singapore. We import, distribute and retail a full range of home and kitchen appliances to meet the discerning needs of home owners, kitchen & space planners, interior designers and property developers.

At Eldric, we are committed to service excellence. Our commitment to our customers begin before the sales process, we offer a comprehensive range of before and after sales services from site measurements, installations to maintenance with our in-house delivery and service team. Connect with us to start building your dream home.


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Billi Sahara 310 with XL Levered Dispenser
$ 4,000.00   $ 3,399.00

Instant boiling and ambient filtered water system with XL levered dispenser in chrome finish.



Fresco® Élite
$ 4,999.00
With Fresco® Élite you will finally be able to enjoy the delicious taste of freshly fruit and food.

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