Irinox is renowned throughout the world as a company specialising in the
production of blast chillers and shock freezers.

As a pioneer in developing the concepts of blast chilling and high quality storage for the foodservice, confectionery and ice-cream sectors, Irinox has always believed in continuous research and improvement of food storage technology. Innovative in spirit, over the years Irinox has continued to develop leading edge products, offering revolutionary concepts that have set market benchmarks.

Irinox Products:

Freddy 45



Freddy 45

Freddy is the first blast chiller made for domestic use, with essential design that’s appealing in any kitchen. Freddy is a dream come true of our very own time machine. It’s an instrument with which to lock the succulence into food at just the right moment and keep it intact over time.

Flavour, vitamins, colour and consistency can overcome space and time so that they are always at their best.

Freddy is the only household appliance that blast chills food after cooking, deep freezes and thaws under control in a short time, cooks meat and fish at low temperature, proofs bread, pizza and flat bread, presents dishes hot and ready to serve, holds at ideal temperatures and cools wine and drinks. Freddy has a probe for reading the internal temperature of food and an intuitive soft-touch control panel.

Fresco Elite

The appliance for magic, swift food chilling.
Fresco® Élite is the only household appliance that can triple the shelf life of fresh or cooked food, inspiring you to unleash your culinary potential and create flavours never tasted before.
Blast Chill any type of cooked food and store it safely in the refrigerator for up to seven days. Food blast chilled with Fresco® Élite stays fresh and lasts perfectly for seven days instead of the usual two! Hot food up to 90°C can be rapidly cooled too.

Gentle Freezing -18° C

This cycle includes two phases: cooling and freezing.

Very hot food up to 90°C can be frozen gently.

This cycle is designed for freezing all cooked food, even particularly delicate food such as leavened and baked products.

Shock Frozen food keeps perfectly in the freezer for up to six-eight months.

Fresco® Élite rapidly cools your raw or cooked food down to freezer temperature, without it changing consistency or losing quality upon thawing. 

Slow Cooking at Low Temperature

Slow, delicate, low-temperature cooking is ideal for boosting the flavour of your meat and fish.

This cycle food at low temperature, with delayed cooking if required (air temperature between 40 and 75°C for up to 12 hours). Gentle cooking over several hours heightens the quality and fragrance of food.

Ready Meal, always wanted to come home and find your meal ready for you to enjoy?

This cycle heats already cooked food to an ideal temperature for eating at a preset time, guaranteeing preservation as in the refrigerator before heating begins.

Natural Proofing, Fresco® Élite creates the right proofing environment for your dough.

This cycle proofs at controlled temperature and humidity levels, regardless of external conditions & temperatures.

It guarantees excellent results for all leavened products. The air temperature varies between 10°C and 40°C.

Defrosting, a function that gently defrost food without spoiling it.

This cycle defrosts frozen food in a gentle, controlled way, with a set delay if required, without losing liquid or beginning any cooking.

Customized Preservation, special food requires special temperatures. Now you can set just the right preservation temperature for your food.

This cycle preserves a product at a temperature between -20°C to +65°C for up to 48 hours.

Drinks Cooling,  chill your wines and beverages quickly.

This cycle cools bottled or canned drinks just in a few minutes. The temperature is reduced by approximately 1° C every minute.



Attractive on the outside, fresh on the inside Zero is the first built-in professional-standard vacuum sealer that can reach a vacuum close to absolute zero, which truly slows down the ageing and oxidation of food.

This is a superior quality, absolutely natural process that is extremely effective in keeping the properties of food intact longer, without compromising nutrients

Vacuum above all

Zero is indispensable for vacuum cooking and preserving food in the fridge up to five times longer. The soft-touch control panel is used for quickly setting three different degrees of vacuum and for selecting pre-set cycles for marinades, meat ageing and liquids. Zero is extremely flexible: it adapts to different needs, even the most demanding, to create customised settings according to the type of food and the required result.

Zero also makes it possible to prepare food for sous-vide cooking in water, with Freddy or in a steam oven.

Hear What the Professionals Say!

The Irinox Fresco Élite is perfect appliance for home chefs and discerning consumers who want to offer the best home cooked meals for their family and loved ones.


Chef Julien Bompard

CEO: Cuisine Service Pte Ltd
OoH lala De Chef Julien

The Irinox Fresco Élite allows me to readily serve warm meals to my guests the moment they are seated.

It can also chill the wines and beverages to the desired temperature within minutes, leaving me with more time to entertain my guests!


Chef Jeremy Choo

Professional Chef & Wine Expert

The Irinox Fresco Élite is a great help to prepare, cook, and even freeze the most delicate food, including items that are particularly sensitive to freezing and thawing such as birds nest soup and breast milk preserving the vitamins, taste, and texture.


Bibi Chia

Principal Dietitcian from Raffles Medial Group
Founder of Social Media Channel Food Tales with Bibi

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