Billi Sahara 310 with XL Levered Dispenser Chrome


Product Code: 943010LCH

Instant boiling and still filtered water system with XL levered dispenser.

The Sahara 310 offers exceptional convenience and is ideal for making hot beverages and having unlimited still filtered water at your fingertips.

The XL levered dispenser is streamlined and elegant. It is simply operated with position-sensitive levers and an easy to use safety switch.

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Capacity (no. of pax): up to 10 pax

Boiling Water Recovery Rate: 90 cups/hours

Ambient Water Recovery Rate: unlimited cups/hours

Dimension in mm (H x W x D): 340 x 180 x 360

Available Color/Finish:
  • XLCH: Chrome
  • XLBR: Brushed Chrome
  • XLMB: Matte Black
  • XLMW: Matte White
  • XLRG: Rose Gold
  • Additional replacement filter x 1 worth $185
  • First time service fee for filter change worth $120
  • Extended warranty for 2nd year worth $400. Total 2 year warranty
  • Billi gift set worth $30. Billi recycle bag x 1, Billi Glass Bottle x 1 Optional/Accessories