Blastcool is the new name in household refrigeration, but for the last 30 years its engineers have designed commercial appliances that can be found in top restaurants and five star hotels in famous cities across the world. Running through the DNA of every Blastcool cabinet is the ability to achieve the high performance and exacting standards demanded by the professional bartender.


• Chills to perfection in up to 43C heat
• Fully certified for outdoor use (IP24) by a globally recognized independent test house.
• Exterior finished in marine grade AISI 316 Stainless steel
• Interior finished in food grade AISI 304 grade stainless steel
• White or blue interior lighting (switchable) as standard
• Heated glass door for clear display in any conditions
• Wine shelf and solid door option
• Natural refrigerant, variable speed compressor
• Low energy consumption with Eco mode standard
• Can be left out all winter. No cover necessary

Blastcool Products:





• Food Grade Stainless Steel
• Reflective Stainless Steel Interior
• Strong Handles
• Precision Control

Energy Sufficiency:

• Eco Button
• Low Energy LED Lighting
• Extra High Energy Efficiency Compressor
• Large Condensor Surface Area
• Double Layers of Energy Saving Low E Glass
• Reccomended by Green Place


• Powerful Air Circulating Fans
• Anti-Vibration Compressor
• Large Cooling Surface Area
• Large Surface Area Condensor

Water Resistance:

• Europe’s only IP Safety rated cooler for outdoor
• IP Rated – EN60529 Standard

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