Forty years of manufacturing rangehoods and quality domestic cookware in Victoria has solidified QASAIR as a reliable and trusted name in the industry.

The original concept of QASAIR rangehoods was developed in Hawthorn by German engineer Helmut Goetz in 1968. As an accomplished engineer, he laid the foundation of excellence that QASAIR is now built upon.

Manufactured in Australia, QASAIR rangehoods have more than one hundred different models that will cater to any requirement and suit any and all application. All models are created to ensure high air movement with minimal noise.

Further steps are taken to guarantee efficiency as QASAIR makes all their own ducting pieces and even customizes pieces for specific use.

Some of Qasair Rangehoods include:

Designed and created for your cooking convenience, QASAIR rangehoods eliminate the four by-products of cooking, namely:

Heat. As you cook, heat is produced which make air molecules expand and move upward and outward, rapidly.

Steam. This is water molecules that expanded almost 1800 times as a result of cooking. When water vapor escapes from the cookware, grease and odor— which can be absorbed by clothes, walls, and furnishings— are carried with it.

As this vapour escapes, it carries grease and odours which are absorbed into clothing, walls and furnishings;

Grease. Any kitchen can look messy and grimy at the sight of grease. This organic matter that settles on surfaces and walls is a difficult problem to tackle after cooking.

Odours. Nasty odors can still linger even after cooking. The smell can stick to walls, furnishings as well as clothing. The only way to eliminate this is to bring the smell outside.

QASAIR rangehoods carry two key elements:
• Excellent performance with high air movement
• Very minimal noise

The right rangehood model coupled with proper rangehood and ducting installation will result in, not only a clean but also a quiet and odor free kitchen.

Cooking will not get any more convenient than this.

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