A professional kitchen right in the comfort of your own home. Efficient, hygienic, and stylishly chic, our customized professional kitchen equipment gives you the master chef experience with a simple turn of a knob.

The balanced mix of utility and power of commercial cooking ranges combined with modern sophisticated design set Unico products apart from the rest. All these features – and more – can now be easily brought into your living space.

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Square 1

The versatility and strength of a Chinese wok is brought together with a Western 2-burner range in Unico’s stainless steel countertop model. On top of its efficiency, Square 1′s sleek, refined, and modern design also complements and completes your kitchen no matter the size. You may now serve mouth-watering dishes with style without breaking a sweat.
Powerful Jet Burner
Unique Combination of Wok and Burner Range

Counterline Series

The perfect unit to customize for your kitchen, Unico’s counterline series has a wok range, a burner range, and a range casing for built-in cooking equipment. Mix and match the way you like it.
Module A
Module B
Module C


No need to get all dressed up to go to a restaurant the next time you get a craving for teppanyaki, because you can now enjoy it with your friends and family right inside your home. Smoke filling your house will be of no concern as the built-in downdraft exhaust system sucks the fumes from the front of the unit through a down draft central duct.

Enjoy a teppanyaki meal anytime you want it.

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