Fresco Elite


The appliance for magic, swift food chilling.
Fresco® Élite is the only household appliance that can triple the shelf life of
fresh or cooked food, inspiring you to unleash your culinary potential and create flavours never tasted before.

If you are looking to cook and store your dishes like a pro, cook your beef or
salmon at low temperature or simply eliminate anisakis from fresh fish tartare,
Fresco® Élite is what you need.

With Fresco® Élite you will finally be able to enjoy the delicious taste of freshly picked summer strawberries in the midst of winter, or fresh durians anytime of the year, bursting with flavour and colour.

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The Indispensable Kitchen Helper for Every Home

Offering 9 functions for the home chef / host from blast chilling to slow cooking, this is the ideal appliance for those with discerning palate for only the freshest and healthiest cuisine

Hostess with the mostest

Perfect for home entertaining, Fresco Elite Home allows you to serve your guests warm food as well as fast chilling your wines to the ideal serving
temperature in just 10 to 15 mins!


Outer dimension in mm (WxDxH): 566 x 380 x 382 (Total H: 405 include 23 high feet)

Weight: 33 kg

Voltage: 220/240V 50Hz

Total Power: 310W

Energy Consumption: 2,12A


Preserving freshness is easier than you think.

Blast Chill any type of cooked food and
store it safely in the refrigerator for up to
seven days.

Food blast chilled with Fresco® Élite stays
fresh and lasts perfectly for seven days
instead of the usual two! Hot food up to
90°C can be rapidly cooled too.

Gentle Freezing -18° C

This cycle includes two phases: cooling and freezing.

Very hot food up to 90°C can be frozen gently.

This cycle is designed for freezing all cooked food, even particularly delicate food such as leavened and baked products.

Shock Frozen food keeps perfectly in the freezer for up to six-eight months.

Fresco® Élite rapidly cools your raw or cooked food down to freezer temperature, without it changing consistency or losing quality upon thawing. 

Slow Cooking at Low Temperature

Slow, delicate, low-temperature cooking is ideal for boosting the flavour of your meat and fish.

This cycle food at low temperature, with delayed cooking if required (air temperature between 40 and 75°C for up to 12 hours). Gentle cooking over several hours heightens the quality and fragrance of food.

Ready Meal, always wanted to come home and find your meal ready for you to enjoy?

This cycle heats already cooked food to an ideal temperature for eating at a preset time, guaranteeing preservation as in the refrigerator before heating begins.

Natural Proofing, Fresco® Élite creates the right proofing environment for your dough.

This cycle proofs at controlled temperature and humidity levels, regardless of external conditions & temperatures.

It guarantees excellent results for all leavened products. The air temperature varies between 10°C and 40°C.

Defrosting, a function that gently defrost food without spoiling it.

This cycle defrosts frozen food in a gentle, controlled way, with a set delay if required, without losing liquid or beginning any cooking.

Customized Preservation, special food requires special temperatures. Now you can set just the right preservation temperature for your food.

This cycle preserves a product at a temperature between -20°C to +65°C for up to 48 hours.

Drinks Cooling,  chill your wines and beverages quickly.

This cycle cools bottled or canned drinks just in a few minutes. The temperature is reduced by approximately 1° C every minute.