FHIABA Refrigerators and Wine Cellars

Own a piece of the future in your kitchen, today.

Fhiaba is the embodiment of first-class performance synthesized with pure luxury and elegance. Its functionality is evident in its full range of features and its sophistication is displayed through its stainless steel finish.

Design and technology come together in Fhiaba’s extensive range of refrigeration and wine storage models. This comprehensive line allows for custom combinations to serve a variety of requirements and specifications.


• Refrigerator and TriMode compartments are equipped with independent compressor system
• Operation of units are managed and controlled by Fhiaba patented access interface with RealTime clock system
• Temperature can be adjusted from +2°C to -2°C in the Fresco Drawer’s own dedicated refrigeration system
• Choice of Fridge, Fresco, or Freezer functions can be made in the TriMode bottom drawer
• Bacteria growth is inhibited with the mechanical treatment of the stainless steel interiors, which also yields maximum smoothness of the interior
• Even without being removed, EvenLift shelves can be rearranged quickly
• No more need for Fridge, Fresco, and Freezer defrost with Total NoFrost
• LED lightings are energy efficient and long lasting
• Water filters are integrated in models fitted with automatic ice maker
• Doors with Patented Hinges allow for 105 degree opening. All 3 doors can be opened at the same time.
• Furniture door attachment to Fhiaba units have patented integration system
• Patented side attachment aluminum profiles and capped off with Polished Aluminum Profiles
• Practically no plastic parts are used

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